User adoption strategies for Sharepoint - part 2 #intra12

Part 2 of my notes from the workshop about User Adoption strategies for Sharepoint by Michael Sampson. (Part 1 can be found here.)

We're at stage 3: Enlivening Applicability. Ways to do this:
  1. Over the shoulder watching: show how people use the tool in practice and learn from them
  2. Group re-imagining: help a group see beyond current work practices
  3. Embedded champions: one participant mentioned she connected to secretaries to speed up and encourage technology adoption. (I agree!)
  4. Sandbox for experimentation: don't go live right away, but start small, let people play with the technology and use the technology for the roll out itself.
  5. Easy first steps: closing down the options, focus on some affordances of the technology not all.
  6. Built it and they will come: set up the tech and see if users will adopt it by themselves
Next phase (4): Making it real. How do you make it real?
  1. Provide zero other options. E.g. take away all other platforms but one. Experience from the participants is this works very well.
  2. Offer start doing, stop doing patterns
  3. Bulk loading party. Use when lots of content has to be migrated, for instance. This strategy is hardly used.
  4. Internal User groups
OK, but how do we measure user adoption? Drucker says: You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Sampson shows how a company built a business case for a collaboration platform, focusing on hard numbers (savings, productivity, etc.). Focus on the affordances on the tool, process and organization level.

What to do if nothing works? Change jobs or go back to the user adoption phases and find out what you're doing wrong.

And that rounds up the pre-conference workshop!

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