Key Factors for Strategic Enablement #e20s #socbiz

A panel discussion about 'Key factors for strategic enablement' is kicked off by Emanuele Quintarelli. He shares his research on the state of affairs of Enterprise 2.0 projects in Italy. Not a pretty sight: no goals, leaders don't understand, no metrics, but also... social business is here already. Companies are just doing it.

So, how do we move forward? Some remarks by the panel:

  • Luis Suarez says we are confronted today with the fact we should manage for the longhaul. Employee disengagement is the big issue we should address. Management is the barrier, so we should address that.
  • David Terrar says we should bring internal social back to hard business facts
  • Chee Chin Lie: talk less about strategy, but do it. It talks time. BASF is only two year into internal social and he sees lots more potential for his company (and other companies). At BASF recognizes this takes time, but they found it of strategic important.

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