Digital Workplace Concepts and Trends #e20s #intra14

Jane McConnell shares the results of her yearly - and great! - Digital Workplace survey. This is part of the expertise panel about digital workplace concepts and trends.

Jane defines the digital workplace as the intersection of people, tools and organization.

The two main drivers for the digital workplace are:
  • increasing organizational intelligence;
  • gaining efficiency & cost savings
Key to transformation Jane found in her latest research is that the top management and operational management are twice as involved in strategic decision-making with respect to the digital workplace.

Much more was shared in her slides. Too much, too fast to keep up. I focused on studying her slides instead of blogging... Sorry.

Next up Michel Ezran about the research Lecko does on the adoption of enterprise social networks. They try to measure the level of engagement in 15 organizations.

Some findings:
  • a few transversal communities generate most of the ESN value
  • deploying and using a tool does not guarantee cultural and behavioral shift
  • but it's an enabler: culture change occurs through action
  • most communities don't take off
  • but engagement is increasing, 18% per year
The research shows the investment in saas e2.0 platforms almost doubled. 

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