Framework of the Social Enterprise & the Future of Work #e20s

The Enterprise 2.0 is slowly coming to an end. We're at the final keynote round about 'Framework of the Social Enterprise & the Future of Work'.

First up Marie Taillard. Marie challenges us to look beyond the enterprise to the ecosystem. Where is the value in the ecosystem? Where is your customer at? Are we - at the summit - focusing enough on the customer? Internal and external can and should help each other.

Then Peter Vander Auwera about 'Corporate Rebels United, the start of a corporate spring?'. Our orgs no longer serve our needs. They cannot keep pace with the current world. Corporate rebels wants to address this. They love the organizations they work for and address the issues in the organization from a deep personal conviction.
21st century practices of new orgs according to corporate rebels:
  • organizational structure
  • leadingship
  • strategic options portfolio
  • decision making
  • lean execution
  • system innovation
  • self-expression
And Dion Hinchclliffe has the honor to close the conference. His talk is about 'Frameworks for Next-Gen Organizational Structure'.

Dion points to the large study done by McKinsey for proof that enterprise 2.0/social business is real. But most organizations (96%) are doing internal and external social business efforts distinct from each other. This is strange between internal and external are so connected.

Dion warns us to be careful with blueprints. People and organizations are unique, the way social business will work for them will be different as well.

Your social business team will never be big enough. Organize internal and external transformation, like advocate program. Because the network will always be bigger.

Dion shares his framework for social business, the importance of community management (relating to Rachel Happe's model), and (technical) standards. (I'll insert links later.)

There's a broad pattern in frameworks for next-gen orgs emerging:
  • decentralization
  • user-control
  • need to cope with constant change
  • adaptive processes
  • local autonomy
And that wraps up another great Enterprise 2.0 Summit! I'll write an overview blogpost in a couple of days, sharing my highlights and insights from the conference. Now, off to drinks! :-)

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