TimeBridge: Now Synching Your Meetings Through The Web

Lots of time goes into scheduling meetings. Of course using Outlook Calender helps a bit. But, every Outlook experiences its limitations daily. For instance, planning multiple meetings at once or giving options for meeting dates/times to a group. For me, a person without a secretary, it's a hastle, but secretaries themselves run into this problem over and over again. Timebridge addresses the issues that Outlook neglects. (-- How come Microsoft doesn't seem to get these problems and fix them?!) I just registered to Timebridge and am going to try it out, because they seem to really have solved scheduling problems.
What they also do is integrate your personal calender (e.g. Google Calender) with with your other calender (e.g. your work calender, which usually is Outlook). I use SynMyCal for that now (which works wonderfully for me).

Here's a post on how Timebridge works and what new products they have to offer. (There's also a video on how Timebridge works.)


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