Towards a better search engine? (2) First demo Powerset

Some time ago I posted about an article in TR on Powerset. Mark Johnson from Powerset left a comment and pointed me to a blog post about their first demo. Data Strategy says:
It was basically a PowerPoint with some live demonstration of a few queries where Powerset got much better results than Google. (No surprises there.) Note that all the demos throughout the evening were only searching over Wikipedia.
The interesting part of the night was the demo station where they allow people to compare search results between Powerset and Google. The queries were limited to the form of “What did ___ say?” and people were welcomed to fill in the blank with famous names.
After each query, the user was encouraged to vote using one of the three buttons underneath the search box. He could vote that 1) Powerset results were better, 2) Google results were better, or 3) It’s a tie, and the buttons kept track of the counts. In almost all cases, the results were either a tie or Powerset had better answers.
There'll be a 'part 2' soon describing in more detail what he saw .
This at least gives an idea of where Powerset is heading and, although the demo was limited (and, indeed, not always easy to follow), it makes me curious what the live version of Powerset will bring us.

Wonderful, by the way, how everything was recorded on video! Thanks Data Strategy!


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