Automatically Classifying Unstructured Information

CMSWire posted that IBM updated it's Classification Module. It "automates the categorization of large volumes of enterprise information" and integrates with the FileNet P8 CMS platform. Well it doesn't automate it upfront: it gives suggestions and learns from corrections. You can find more information on this module here.
This is interesting stuff. Neatly organizing our structured information is taking up most of our time in organizations. But what do we do with all our corporate unstructured information (- assuming we manage this information centrally). This Classification Module can help us sort it out and check our taxonomy and classification.
One great use of such a tool is when a company worked on a certain topic, left the topic for some years and wants to come back to it. Where do you start reading and sorting through the information? Having this Module suggest a classification of that information could then be a big help.

I was wondering: Is this Module based on IBM Information Miner technology (in the past it was called 'IBM Intelligent Miner for Text')? And do they also use this to analyze their Jam sessions?


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