Implications of the Latest PLM acquisitions

Interesting article about the latest PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) acquisitions and their implications. Although this article is focused on the automotive market, it has broader implications to other market segments. A couple of interesting remarks from the article:
You could argue that now everybody has a few less choices; the market has consolidated to a few major players. (...) PLM technology is becoming less of a factor. PLM depth of coverage, how rich the solution is, is becoming more of a factor.
And I think this remark about Dassault is most important. Being able to support multisite development, engineering and manufacturing is key. Plus being able to collaborate with non-engineers on one platform.
Squire says MatrixOne lets Dassault grant access to detailed product definition to virtually anybody in the extended enterprise, and to standardize business processes that use that information across disparate groups, including non-engineers and other people not necessarily using computer-aided design (CAD), digital mockup, or digital manufacturing tools.


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