Beyond the Ordinary Resume

Nice post on 'the new resume' or 'do we still need a resume?' by Debra Murphey on Social Media Today Most companies still request a resume. This post states old resume's make you "ordinary". So, what isn't ordinary?
Everyone, whether you are an independent professional, business owner, or entreprenuer, should have the following in your social media portfolio:
  • Complete profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks relevant to your expertise.
  • A blog written with authenticity and expertise.
  • An about page on your blog that gives the reader a sense about who you are.
  • Comments on other blogs within your expertise that are thoughtful, professional and add value to the blog.
  • Put presentations you’ve given up on SlideShare and link to them from your About page. If you have a recording of the presentation, you can sync the audio with the slides.
I was wondering if companies are already doing this. Does anybody know?


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