Working Transparently

On his blog David Gurteen points to an article he in InsideKnowledge titled "Open and Transparent". I must have missed this article... But I'm glad he pointed to it (again). It's a nice short article on the difference between 'open' and 'transparent'. And how these two worlds are changing (or must change) our life as knowledge workers. I was planning on summarizing it for you, but you just have to read it all. It's worth your time. I will pass on his definition of 'open' and 'transparent' for you:
If you are open-minded, not closed, you are open to new ideas, to new thoughts, to new people and to new ways of working. When you come across new things you are curious and eager to explore them. You are non-judgmental and you look to engage other people in conversation – not so much in debate, but more in dialogue.
If you are transparent, you work in a way which naturally enables people to see what you are doing. You publish your activity and your ‘work in progress’ as a by-product of the way that you work. You deliberately go out of your way to try to be honest and open about who you are. There is no fa├žade, no pretense – with you, people get what they see.


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