Social Media ROI

Jon Mell has been writing some really interesting posts on the ROI of Social Media tools, like blogs and wiki's. I'd like to point to the latest two here and here. The posts help social media evangelists come up with a business case/ROI calculation, although they'd rather say: "It just the right thing to do!" Richard Dennisson of BT has another take on this topic and protests again the 'reductionists' that won't start a (social media) project without hard numbers.

The difficulty with IT projects in general is defining a hard business case (- or maybe the 'hard' stuff is easy and we forget about the 'soft' part, like productivity improvement). My boss says - and I like this approach: "With IT projects it’s about the good idea first, numbers will come later."

I'm curious what you think about this topic. Please drop a comment!


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