One Social Media Platform for Inside and Outside the Organization

Interesting post titled "Freedom and Social Media within the Enterprise" by Mary Abraham! It mentions McAfee's idea to tag tweets as work- or non-work-related.
This idea can easily be applied to other social media as well. I've written on my wish to have one blog platform enabling me to post inside and outside the organization. So you can tag a post saying if it should be visible only to your company or to the world. This should also work for social network tools, wiki's, etc. It should be that easy!


  1. Thanks for the kind mention, Samuel. Your idea of using a single platform with multiple ways of tagging content is one worth pursuing. As the lines between the personal and professional become increasingly blurry every day, this may be a very practical approach. The question is whether companies will be willing to assume the liability that may arise from mixing business with pleasure on a single company-owned platform. Alternatively, if the platform sits outside a company's firewall, access to the platform could raise some interesting security issues.

    - Mary


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