Feedmysearch a couple weeks later...

I was pretty enthusiastic about this new app Feedmysearch and started using it right away. I'm glad I didn't delete my Google Alerts yet. I set up several Feedmysearch feeds on topics as "document management" and "knowledge management". The results are horrible. Google Alerts gives me daily results, which are pretty relevant. Feedmysearch gives me a feed every so often, and the results are really bad (old, limited, etc.). I stopped using Feedmysearch. Back to good old Alerts (and my regular feeds of course).
I wonder: Am I the only one experiencing this?


  1. I was trying to use feedmysearch, to perform a search to give results to python script, the result was that feedmysearch was so slow, and sometimes it doesn't work.
    Feed my search = Good Idea, bad machines, or connection.

  2. You should also check out FaveBot.com — it can track keywords / phrases in podcasts, videos, blog posts, news articles, (new) books, etc. Plus it can find local events matching your keywords. You can track your output (results) on the site or via RSS feeds.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Michael. I'm going to take a look!


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