A wiki as CRM tool? Why not?!

Wow, interesting post by Jon Husband at the FASTForward Blog. He extensively quotes a NTTimes article about the US State Department using wiki's and blogs. One part triggered me:
IN the past, said Stacie R. Hankins, a special assistant at the United States Embassy in Rome, when the ambassador prepared to meet an Italian political figure, the staff would e-mail a memo about the meeting and attach biographies of those who would be attending to be printed out.

Today, she said, they still produce the memo, but "now they attach a link to the Diplopedia article" — Diplopedia being a wiki, open to the contributions of all who work in the State Department. The ambassador, Ronald P. Spogli, frequently reads the biographies on his BlackBerry on the way to the meeting.
This is a really interesting way to use wiki's. CRM using wiki tooling!
And it also triggered me. Companies can also use this to build up information about customers. Furthermore, information about places and conferences employees have visited can be reported on in this way too.


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