Enterprise Group Book Reviews

27reading-600 As you may know I enjoy reading books. I try to review them on my blog every now and then. After finishing a book I regularly stop and think who else could be interested in this book (employees and friends). Sometimes I also wish I could discuss its contents and translate it to the company I work for, for instance.

I was wondering: Are there companies you know of, that do this structurally? Is that encouraged by management or was this initiated by employees (bottom-up)? And how are those group book reviews organized? Are the conclusions disseminated in any way?

I know Google has something in this direction, Authors@Google, which is very interesting. The talk itself is clearly shared via Youtube. The non-Google-related questions from the audience are also shared. The Google-related ones are not. But what does Google do with the answers to those questions? Does Google try to implement the author's findings if possible?

Love the picture taken from the NY Times, by the way!

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