How Does Your Boss Process Information?

A colleague of mine kindly pointed me to an interesting report: "The Rise of the Digital C-Suite. How executives locate and filter business information'. It's a Forbes Insight report, sponsored by Google.

To be clear, this report is about how executives look for and process external information. Information that is on the web. It would be very interesting to read a comparable report on how execs do the same for internal information. I think it's the case for many execs they're too busy to follow and look for external trends anyway. Surprisingly more than 60% of the execs said they accessed the Internet for business intelligence on a daily basis.

Another interesting part of the report is how execs use web 2.0. For the 50+ category 80% or more didn't maintain a blog or tweet. Only 26% of the 'under 40' category didn't tweet.

RSS is not used much at all over all categories. Only 40% of the 'under 40' category for instance. Which regrettably relates well to the world-wide RSS trends.

Do you think the way execs process information internally differs much from externally? My hunch is the difference is minimal. Within the enterprise it is clearer what needs to be read. But what I'm hearing is that these formal communications (reports, memo's, etc.) aren't being read too closely. Or do you have other experiences?

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