Following a News Topic

track_203 Say something happens and you hear about it on TV or you read about it on the web. This topic really interests you and you wonder how it will end. For instance a murder case.

As you know lots of topics start on one day, but don't end until months later. How do you keep track of them? Do you just bump into its 'solution' on tv or the web? Or do you have some way of tracking that topic?

Wouldn't it be interesting if you could just point to the article or video about the topic and say: subscribe to all articles about this topic. A topic-RSS feed. Of course you can do this for big topics, using hashtags in Twitter for instance. And you can also define a query and subscribe to that feed, using Google Alerts for instance. But for smaller topics it's not that easy.

Or am I missing something? Or do you know of apps that already solve this problem?

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