Interviews about Enterprise 2.0 Implementation

Recently I was honored to be interviewed a couple of times by Bill Ives about the 'Enterprise 2.0' implementations the company I work for (Océ) has done.
I thought I'd list them here for your (and my) convenience.
These interviews have also been published on Bill's blog.
Being interviewed is very helpful. For one the questions of the interviewer really make you think about the work you've done. Bill did a great job asking questions and I loved the way he structured the interview in posts. Not the basic question-answer type interview.
Another great thing about being interviewed is the external reference it gives you. Of course I've been blogging about my work, but having your story on a couple of big blogs, such as the AppGap, the FastForward blog and Bill's own blog is great. The comments are very helpful and me/us understand how our initiatives relate to what others are doing, if we missed something, how we could extend them, etc.
One thing I don't like about interviews is that it can look like one person is doing all the work. In my case this not true, as I said in the interviews. I'm the one telling the story. But many great colleagues of mine have made it possible for me to be able to tell the story. They deserve lots of credit for that.

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