Creative blackhole

Back to blogging! Man, I really missed it and have tried several times to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. Typing a few lines of text, but never finalizing the post and hitting the ‘publish’ button. I’ve been wondering for some time why I could cram out a post and I now think I’ve found the source.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been very busy with all kinds of projects. I’m happy to say that almost all projects have been going and are going great. It’s a joy to work for clients and help them improve their communication and knowledge processes using web technology.

But there’s this one project that is not going right. It’s been going wrong for months and just when you think the project is back on track it derails again. You’ve probably been there. To me this is my creative blackhole. Loads of thinking and energy is poured into this project. Every little detail is thought over. Sucking away creativity and therefore also time to blog. Horrible but true.

Of course there are all kinds of self-help tips relating to this situation. ‘Kill the project’, ‘Don’t let it take away your happiness’, ‘Don’t focus too much on the negative stuff’, etc. This can work some of the time. But everybody knows that when you have a sore finger it’s hard to not pay attention to it till it goes away. And in the case of a project it’s about people: the happiness and expectations of my client and, on the other hand, the happiness and performance of my team.

The good thing about projects is that they don’t go on forever (although it sometimes feels that way). The project seems to be better now. At least I’m blogging again and I’m really happy about that.

I’d be happy to hear about your experiences with time, bad projects and blogging. Does lack of time and/or a bad project lead to less blogging? Or do you have time to get around this deadlock?

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