Some insights from the Digital Workplace Survey 2014 - 1

Well, Jane McConnell’s yearly report about the Digital Workplace has been out for some time now. At that time I read the report (like I do every year), but didn’t have (or make?) time to share my thoughts on it. But I’m sharing them now.

Jane’s report, ‘Digital Workplace in the connected organization’, is the most comprehensive report about the digital workplace. It’s her 8th report and it again contains loads of information and interesting insights. As I’ve said before: It’s a must-have for every person interested in or working the intranet, digital workplace and social business space. By the way, Jane regularly shares insightful nuggets from her research and extensive experience over on her blog.

Extra valuable
This year’s report clearly has extra value compared to previous editions. The report contains an enormous amount of valuable information. More than ever before Jane gives guidelines how to go through the report, with a short and longer version of the report. Also a scorecard is provided to score the organization you work for and compare yourself with others. Furthermore I like how the report is set up in such a way that you don’t have to read the whole report to understand the segment you’re interesting in. In this way the report is truly a intranet or digital workplace handbook. And it’s updated every year! The report can help you target fields in which your digital workplace can improve. In my work as a consultant I also find that some organizations are anxious about their intranet being hopelessly outdated. This report can help those organizations to find out if they are right to be anxious or not.

Next posts
I plan to write two more posts about the report. The first is focused on adoption, challenges and business scenario’s. The second is focused on mobile, search and the scorecard.

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