Knowledge Management lessons

Anecdote’s Shawn gives his “lessons learned” about knowledge management as if he were asked to give a key note on this topic. In short (- please go ahead and read the full version -) they are:

  • All KM is change management
  • Link to what matters (which sometimes is the business process)
  • Collect stories early and often (success stories from inside the organization)

I agree with all of them. They are important issues. W.r.t. stories I would say: if you don’t have stories from within the organization, look for them in other companies. Yeah, then they can say: this won’t work for us, but at least you have a debate! W.r.t. “what matters” for the employees: my experience is that it often has nothing directly to do with the business. For instance, employees see to much reinventing the wheel and people not talking to each other and want to change this situation.

So, what would my list be?

  • understand people and the way they work (relates to change). Try to really connect your KM program to the people.
  • tell about inspiring stories from other companies, as well as stories from within.
  • have an end-vision, but progress in small steps. What should this company look like w.r.t. KM and how are we going to get there in small steps?


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