The Future of Document Management (2)

A couple of day ago I pointed to a post about the future of Document Management. Here are the predictions by CMSWatch on CMSWire. Two interesting ones are:
#3: MOSS enters the valley of disappointment
They continue on their “SharePoint is a virus” bend predicting it’s growth and the inevitable backlash, particularly in larger enterprises. The backlash relates to compliance issues as organizations lose site of their data in their SharePoint sites. Organizations also start to wake up to the reality that it isn’t cheap to build applications in SharePoint (at least not as easy as Microsoft had led people to believe).


#7: Facebook backlash in the enterprise
As fast as it’s been growing, Facebook may meet it’s maker in the enterprise as organizations try it and find disappointment. Why? It’s not a platform for information-oriented collaboration and it’s security capabilities are less then stellar.
Actually I was quite surprised by the cynical tone of the predictions. Not very objective, with hardly any real arguments. For instance, what I see is that companies are all moving towards the Sharepoint platform. Most companies will start to implement and use it in 2008. If disappointment kicks in, it won't be in 2008. And, what is the alternative according to CMSWatch? Back big vendors like EMC, etc?


  1. Not much analysis? My ECM Suites report runs to just under 400 pages ;-) And our forthcoming report on MOSS will prop open some pretty big doors I think.
    In my evaluation of SharePoint I have in fact been very postive about its benefits and detail those in the report - however in interview after interview with large enterprises and SI's involved in major SharePoint implementations the limitations detailed were consistent - SharePoint has its place but it is not a panacea for all that ails, and unfortunately at times it has been sold as such.
    The solution to the SharePoint backlash is not EMC or IBM - rather it is policy and governance, to manage the growth of MOSS instances, along with a dose of common sense and a full understanding of MOSS's strengths and weaknesses.
    All the best!

    Alan Pelz-Sharpe
    CMS Watch

  2. Hi Alan, Sorry I didn't read the full report. I thought there must be more to say. And there is! Thanks for your comment. Good to hear more about what you think of Sharepoint. And I agree: Sharepoint isn't the solution for all our problems!


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