AegonNet and Self Service (Intranet 2009)

Breakout session at Intranet 2009 on 'AEGONNet and self service' by Paulien van der Lee (Online Communications Manager).

Gives overview of the development of their intranet (focus Aegon The Netherlands) and what they're doing on employee self service using intranet.

AegonNet consists of 3 parts: eHRM manager, eHRM employee and eHRM worker.

Introduced first self service modules some time ago: vacation planning. Plan your vacation removing the role of HR.

Did intranet redesign by learning from old one. Brought the amount of page types back to a minimum.

Now they have more self service modules. For employees:

  1. Vacation planning,
  2. My education (no education outside this module!),
  3. HR cycle (manager-employee talks, appraisal, etc.
  4. Employee benefits choice system,
  5. My facility services (meeting reservation system, etc)

For managers:

  1. View your department
  2. Salary change procedure
  3. Central account administration (role administration)
  4. Central invoice management

They are working on modules for 'Aegon Flexshop' and 'Declarations/Expenses'.

Paulien shows a screenshot of their intranet (HR part). Looks nice, not too crowded homepage. Also shows plans for new/updated homepage. New design is focused on unification of intranets. Used 'card sorting' to find out what the design should be and the names/titles of the parts. They have two profiles for managers, because a manager is also an employee.

Redesigning their intranet will take years, Paulien thinks.

The screenshot she showed focused on the HR part of the intranet. Corporate news can be found on their intranet homepage.

The governance of their intranet is divided into editorial offices (80 in total!).

They're thinking about global people finder to work on one global intranet (- this presentation is about Aegon NL's intranet).

They are working on 'fun and intranet'. But priorities are elsewhere at the moment.

They have one HR system: Peoplesoft. The platform for their intranet is Morello (version 5.7).


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AegonNet and Self Service (Intranet 2009)

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