Keeping the Blogging Faith

Sometimes I need encouragement to keep on blogging. And then you bump into two older posts by big bloggers like Chris Brogan and Bill Ives. The first has an interesting post about getting little comments on your posts - which does relate to my blog... As one commenter to that post says: Comments are 'the big moral boost for the author'. This is true to me too. But as I wrote before, my primary reason to blog is to structure my thoughts and share them with my readers. Hopefully they will find them interesting and comment every now-and-then.

Bill Ives has an interesting post telling bloggers to keep up the good work and don't give up too soon. I too have experienced this. Give blogging time to fit in your system and make sure it remains there. This is where commenting kicks in. Commenting lures you back to your blog and generates ideas for new posts.

Maybe we should start saying 'thank you' (as micro-comment) more after reading a post. At least the blogger knows someone's enjoying what they right.

What do you think? Are there more subtle but explicit ways to show we enjoy a blog? Retweeting for blogs?


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Keeping up the blogging faith

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  1. Please don't stop, Samuel. I find your blog very interesting and you have often led me to new thing!

  2. Don't worry Jane! I'm not stopping, even if I'm the only one ready my own blog, which I'm not luckily! Just needed this post to fire myself up and hopefully others too.


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