Intranet Strategy and a fusion between Business and ICT (Intranet 2009)

Peter Hinssen will talk about the relation between business and IT. This is problematic, he says. We are still at Intranet 2009.

Change is difficult.

Big change in IT is consumerization. This is a bad word for IT. IT dispensed cool stuff. That is now over! Bottom-up instead of top-down. We have better IT at home than at work and that changes everything. 'We use Gmail, Google Docs, etc.' And this process will continue in the coming years.

The evolving role of IT. Refers to old commercial of IBM, explaining why online is important.

Peter is translator between business and IT.

The problems for IT started with Y2K. 'IT forgot a 0'... After Y2K nothing changed.

IT is dead, IT departments are dead too. IT made silos in the past. Now plug-and-play.

The role of IT is now changing too. They can play the central role in innovation in the future. Proctor & Gamble (P&G) as example: 700 IT-ers outsourced to Hewlett-Packard. The other 2000 IT-ers were connected to the business. They are facilitating the business with innovative technology. P&G has most innovative use of technology.

We don't need the nerds in IT, but creative thinkers. Left and right brain people. IT-ers are good left-brainers. E.g. Randstad was looking for 'ICT thoughtleader'. This means change of attitude. Business and IT blame each other. IT has 'can't do attitude'.

What does an IT-er mean when he says: 'This is not technically feasible' and 'This will take six months'.

Web 1.0 and 2.0: resp. Netscape and Google. Shows great slide about Google searches around the world. This shows difference between old and new IT. Email is old-skool. The new generation will also look at our intranet in this way.

The new generation thinks bottom-up. The new generation is about wiki instead of intranet. A self-correcting mechanism. Learn to live with less control! Also in hardware world this will be the case (automated cars). Tells about Xobni as an example how this works. Xobni tells you what email is most important. We find this difficult, definitely IT. Also points to US who all drive automatics. In Europe we don't.

Intranet has two role:

  1. shop window
  2. warehouse

Most intranets can't handle both.

Gartner says: the future is more collaboration, more sametime. Move to Portals. Integrating information. But this doesn't work in this way. Portals are a disaster. Portal is just a door to information.

Don't look for balance between everything: top-down/bottom-up, etc. Content is the root problem. We are overloaded with information. And this will only increase. Content is all over the place. This cannot be solved with technology. It's all about fundamental principles defining how the company wants to handle information. Metadata will be very important. (Refers to Lakeoff's book.)

Information does not work any longer. We thought: structured-unstructured, etc. But this is pointless. Rethink information. What is relevant? Type of content? What is it's reach and it's quality?

But who should do this? We should do this together. Don't let IT do this alone.

The new generation will push this heavily. IT is not scary but their way of life.

A fool with a tool is still a tool. This still applies.

Know your capability!

Technology has never been so exciting. Compare this to the IT...


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Intranet Strategy and a fusion between Business and ICT (Intranet 2009)

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