Award Winning Intranets of 2009 #intra10

3rd keynote at Intranet 2010 by James Robertson of Step Two Designs.

Innovation = originality + impact. Uncovering great ideas and approaches to intranet, so you can steal them (ethically of course).

James tells how the Intranet Innovation Award is set up. Jane McConnell is one of the judges. She should be one of next year's keynote at Intranet 2011.

CRS Australia is the Platinium award winner:

  • seamless connection with SAP (human friendly interface so tasks get done, webforms etc) > done with one technical person

AEP (USA) Idea system:

  • $8 million of concrete savings, $2 million in first month
  • first offline organization, then support via platform
  • organize around problems (a specific question!)
  • specific target: min. of $1.7 million dollars of saving
  • None of the generated ideas are anonymous (same for Océ). Anonymous posts are allowed but not published. They are sent to team.

Next example, Russian firm (CHTPZ). Integrates intranet with mobile. Lots of staff doesn't sit at desk. So push info to the staff and to the tools/devices they use.

Next award is for IDEO. Core: connecting people with people as richly as you can. They can fire off complex queries for people with certain expertise in a certain area. They applied their design research to their intranet.

Prophet (USA), Online performance measurement on the intranet. Improve and simplify the process. It saves them a lot of time.

Plus much more on the Step Two Design webpage. Contributions close on April 23.

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