ROI of Enterprise Microblogging

As you know Océ is experimenting with enterprise microblogging. And things are going very well. The number of users is still growing and the number of posts is too.

There's lots of debate about the ROI of social media. Recently I was asked if we try to calculate the ROI of our microblogging initiative for instance. This is what I replied:

We didn't do ROI calculations yet and don't know if we want to. Anyway users like Yammer for many reasons:

  • sharing interesting stuff publicly,
  • others like to be informed in this way (social search),
  • use Yammer as pulse of the company,
  • asking questions and getting answers from colleagues all over the world is great (people solve issues much quicker this way. It saved a colleague two weeks of her time!),
  • less email more yams,
  • implicit expertfinder,
  • etc.

Hope this helps.

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