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Maybe I shouldn't depend on email as much as I do, like Luis Suarez is telling us. But there's something about email that surprises me. When I send emails to people, ending with a clear question and deadline, many don't reply at all. Why is this? A week or a month later I have to get back to them and ask them again (yes, I keep track of the emails I need to get a reply on). Then they usually send a reply back right away... So it is possible to get a reply back quickly.
I know people are busy. I am too. And I don't assume everyone will be waiting for my email and send back a reply in less than a day. I don't mind if I have to wait. As long as you know the reply/answer will come around sooner or later. Walking up to the person or calling him/her helps of course, if possible.

So, how do I handle email? I basically apply the Getting Things Done rules: if I can answer within 2 minutes, I reply right away. Most email fits in this category... If it takes longer I plan it in my calendar and tell the sender when I'm going to answer. You can do that in 2 minutes as well.

How do you handle this? Do you recognize it?

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