Social Business Intelligence: The Future of Data-Driven Business Performance by Lee Bryant @leebryant #sbs2011

This talk by Lee Bryant is about data and how it can lead to and improve social business intelligence.

The industrial age model is getting less and less productive. It's still being masked by financials. We also see the limits of the carrot and stick management methods and extrinsic motivation as a way of orchestrating work.

Process is an embedded responsive to prior stupidity (Shirky). It's the opposite of human endeavor which is about pattern matching, sense making, etc.
Social Business is becoming the new mainstream. You can see this happening on the streets (shops saying "follow us on Twitter").

Data should/can drive evolutionary improvement. Social business data and intelligence can create the conditions for businesses to evolve. API's are the sex organs of business evolution then data is the DNA.
Companies are sitting on loads of data. Of which just a small bit should remain confidential.
This is the starting point for social CRM. Eventually it will be just the other way around: customers will hold data about businesses instead of the other way around (VRM, Doc Searls).
This leads to services and models based on real-time analytics, like Klarna.

Data collection costs money, but can be turned into a source of value.

Lee relates to the Open Data movement. Use open data to drive organizational change. E.g. biofeedback, real-time feedback vs retrospective reporting (e.g. radicial transparency through social tools like wiki's) leads to self-management instead of waiting. Just by publicizing the numbers keeps people on-task and makes work game-like.

Vision Dachis/Headshift: Social experience design for network stimulation.

We need to help people cope with the abundance of data. Create data streams that people can capture/view.
Lee foresees apps in the enterprise, looking more like Flipboard than Tweetdeck. We need more of these. And when we got the client-side right, we need to create the filters.

This also implies social media monitoring should be improved heavily. Currently the monitoring tool are not very useful. And the results of monitoring should be turned into actionable insights. This is social analytics, focusing on people listening, understanding and making sense of data.

The future will be about evidence and data in the social business space. We need (more) Marketing Data Engineers.

And that rounds up the Social Business Summit 2011. Comments and corrections on my notes about the Summit are more than welcome.
I really enjoyed the conference. It was well-organized, great speakers, lots of networking and discussion during the breaks. A truly inspiring day.

UPDATE 6 April, 2011: Added picture and links, corrected text.

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