Keeping Track of Blog Comments - My own and other's

How do you keep track of your comments and other's comments? I asked this question several times on my blog. Up until recently I didn't get any answers (and couldn't find answers...) and wondered if all bloggers have this issue...

Andy was so kind to tell me how he answers this question: by using Cocomment! Thanks for the tip, Andy!
I started using it and it works OK for me. As a Firefox user it automatically keeps track of the comments I write on blog posts and the comments on my blog posts. Really nice and useful. However, for some reason though, Cocomment doesn't seem to track all my comments... I'll have to find out why...


  1. Hi,
    We are glad you found cocomment and it has solve your problem. I read that it is not tracking all your comments, we want to help you solve this. Please contact me at so we can find out more about this issue.

  2. I was looking for a similar tool and found DISQUS as I'll have to check out cocomment as well.

  3. Glad to be of help. Do take a look at Cocomment. But I moved over to Disqus after using Cocomment for some time.


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