Attaching notes to an email (2)

In my previous post on this topic I asked: When is this going to be integrated in Outlook and Gmail?
A good friend of mine (thanks Ruud!) emailed (no he's not blogging yet... ;-)) me an answer. In some way you can add notes to Outlook emails. This is the way. He wrote:
A tip. Did you know you can edit emails, even emails that you've already sent or received? This is how it works:
  • Open the email in a separate window (else it doesn't work) by dubble clicking it
  • Select "Edit" in the menu bar, then "Edit Message"
  • Now you can change the text of the email using all the email editing features, such as colors and fonts
  • You can even remove attachment (right click, then select "remove")
  • The subject line can be changed
  • Select, in the menu bar "File", then "Save" to keep the changes
And with respect to my comment on 'compliance' to GTD. Attaching notes to email does fit with GTD in the sense that I turn the email into an action by adding a note. But is doesn't comply when I don't delete or move the email from inbox...


  1. YAY! Thank you for the helpful tip about editing messages to add your own notes to e-mails. I just edit them and put my notes in purple at the top so I can tell they are not part of the original e-mail. I have always wanted to do that.


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