Gartner PCC Summit 2007 (part 12)

“Web 2.0, Ajax-based High-End Publishing Tools Transforming the Enterprise Market” (by Eric Duchemin, General Manager of HAFIBA on behalf of Quasar Technologies) at PCC 2007 Summit.

Never heard of Quasar so I thought I’d visit this talk instead of the IBM one.

Quasar comes from the high-end publishing market. Enabling newspapers to publish by themselves. They supplied tools to produce printed documents.
They saw a gap between Document Management and Content Management. A lack of tools for high-end publishing support, such as workflows and process support.
They combined ECM with high-end commercial publishing tools (called ECP).

HAFIBA is a French pre-press company. HAFIBA thinks that traditional pre-pres will disappear. More will be done by users and done dispersed. So, they wanted to develop a service for their customers. They started to build some technology, but needed more. Then they found Quasar.

Security of data is important in the magazine world. They were also looking for a cheap solution. They needed a webbased application, easy-to-use, supporting workflow design (moving press material between client, printer, layout design, translation). Webbased because their customers (enterprises) don't want to install HAFIBA's software on their systems.
Quasar offered all this.

I missed the demo. How does it work in practice? And why Quasar and not Sharepoint e.g.? I'll have a look at their website...

UPDATE Sept. 7, 2007: I talked with the Quasar people at their booth. And there's more than was presented. Quasar basically offers a tool that supports multisite pre-press process using a webbrowser. All pre-press functionality is in the tool. Sharepoint can't do this, unless you would have a system integrator make it for you...


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