Gartner PCC Summit 2007 (part 4)

Sponsor panel “Good-enough vs. Superb Software: Does Your Enterprise Want Easy or Excellent?” at PCC 2007 Summit.

Panel members: Ian Black (Autonomy), Chris Rothwell (Microsoft). Moderator: Whit Andrews (Gartner).

They were asked to lay out their visions for the future of worker productivity and innovation excellence - in one slide (however Ian had four slides).

Ian started:
Shows a slide with a complex network of servers, computers, feeds, DMS’s, etc
80% of information is unstructured and it’s not just text. And it’s not only in databases.
Easy and excellent: wrong question, you want both.

A platform approach
Sharepoint 2001: search, DM and portal capabilities.
It’s now about: search, portal, business intelligence, content management, collaboration, business forms. Reduce costs, get benefits. But also use the platform to help you realize more on top of that for your business.

Difference between top-down (Autonomy) and bottom-up (Sharepoint) approach. What’s the use of many Sharepoint sites if it doesn’t take the company further? Sharepoint helps you create the document easily and when you know where it should go Microsoft wants to help you manage this document automatically or manually.

Autonomy stresses the context of the information and states that this context differs in time. You will never create this context manually! Start to understand the links between information. Information could be useless at one moment and critical at the other. Your solution should be scalable in this way.

Ian: select a tool that makes it easy to deal with information, but also has the sophistication that gives the company a performance benefit in the future.

Chris stresses that more and more people are handling the same information. In the past some people would never handle business intelligence information, for instance. Now all can access it. Offering interaction and integration over the different types of data/information is therefore important.

Autonomy: How do I connect to anything?
Microsoft: how do you people work? And what is your corporate culture?


  1. Looks like Autonomy is less concerned about its technology than it is about its PR.,39024673,39168374,00.htm

    "It's about PR - not technology - says Autonomy CEO"

  2. if he did say that (which he didn't... READ THE ARTICLE) then he could be forgiven for doing so with people like you who ONLY READ HEADLINES! Next thing you'll be telling us you believe in global warming!!!


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