Storytelling in organisations

For some time I've been following the interesting Anecdote blog. Storytelling is an intriguing topic. I posted about it on my blog before. It is very clear to me that stories are a really important way of getting things across. Even in companies, it seems that corporate culture and the way people work is based on stories. Stories that get told over and over again, changing slowly in time.
I've heard of companies that use it to capture stories of employees leaving the company. Nasa seems to do this.

The Anecdote blog posts about storytelling and their consulting work in this area. Today they posted about Storytelling in organisations (and organizations). This triggered me to ask them to write about how companies actually use storytelling. What do they use to capture the stories? How do they store the stories and distribute/share them? How can employees search through those stories? Please give us some practical example, beside the - just as interesting! - posts and articles about narrative, stories, why stories are important, etc. Or can I already find some answers to my questions on your blog?


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