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For some time now Google has been submitting it's Tech talks to Google Video. Regularly, I check out the new video's and watch the most interesting ones. I think this is a really nice initiative by Google. For one, it really shows that Google wants to be knowledgeable in a wide area of topics (even non-technical topics). Two, submitting these video's makes Google a company you want to work for. All these interesting people that get invited to talk for Google employees!
I hope more companies with follow this example and also publish their interesting talks on the web.

Oh, what's my favorite tech talk? It's called "Winning The DARPA Grand Challenge".

By the way: I posted about Viddler a couple of days ago. I saw that Google Video also allows users to comment on specific parts of the video. This is done by typing in the time (e.g. 0:32) in the comment section. When the user submits the comment, it's automatically changed to a link to that part of the video.


  1. samuel,

    Your comment in the readwriteweb blog directed me over here :)

    May i ask, are you a KM professional?

    To be honest I'm quiet impressed by your thoughts :)

    wud luv to have a deeper chat

    god bless,
    skype dakshsayshello

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'll contact you shortly!


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