How do you discuss a video and comment on it? Mostly you see the video and the comment and/or rating section separated. This works, but it's hard to comment on a specific part of the video. And if it is possible, it's because the publisher indexed the video for you.

And now there's Viddler! It was new to me. Has it been around for some time or is it actually new? Viddler makes indexing, commenting, tagging and rating video's easily. Really easy. And of course you can search through everything. I hope they integrate this in Google Video and YouTube.

This is also interesting for internal corporate video's. For instance, I've been writing about story telling. A problem with recording stories is how to make them useful for the organisation. Can employees easily access them and browse through the video's? Usually they can't. But by using Viddler technology they can. We can.


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