The Myth of Innovation

Listened to this interesting podcast on innovation. It's in the Technometria series on IT Conversations. Scott Berkun, writer of "The Myth of Innovation", is interviewed. What I really liked was Berkun's realistic approach to innovation. He strips away all the myths about innovation and talks about why people stick to these myths (such as "sudden innovation"). Basically he say that innovation is hard work.
Interestingly he also comments on the "soft skills" that are needed to innovate. Such as leading a meeting.
Another interesting (and hot) topic he addresses is his participation in O'Reilly Foo camp (also called unconferences, bar camps, Reboot, etc.): conferences without an agenda.


  1. Scott Berkun's book is really a great read. It is available in our library. Berkun was also at Etech2007, and did a great presentation on the same team. I do perceive innovation differently now ;-)


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