Reviewing RSS reader i-Fetch

A fellow blogger asked me to review i-Fetch, a RSS reader by Ideafarms.

I took some time to look at iFetch. And compared it to what I'm using: Google Reader. (Disclaimer: again, I didn't use iFetch and using it sometimes changes my impression... )

- Looking at the list of 'Features', my first reaction was: nothing new, nothing that Google Reader, Bloglines, etc can't do.
However, after looking more closely i-Fetch does have interesting new stuff (- at least new to me).
- "Watch" is interesting. Nice feature. After looking around in Google Reader I found out that they too have it. It's called: "Subscribe as you surf". But it's somewhat hidden, more that in iFetch.
- Search in feeds is interesting. Reader doesn't have that. It's a much requested feature...
- "Autodiscovery" of feed link is interesting. Didn't know Reader has this too: can be done with, again, "Subscribe as you surf".
- The article/post overview pane is kind of clogged; too much Outlook-ish. I like the Reader layout, easier reading and overview
- Archive: Reader has this too, using labels.

Extra feed reading issue, not addressed in i-Fetch: One thing that I find difficult when reading feeds is: when you comment on an article/post, how do you keep track of those comments and the comments on your comments? Do you just subscribe to the comments? Or is there another trick?


  1. You should also try out It specializes in tracking social network content, but of course, rss feeds work perfectly as well.


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