Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reviewing RSS reader i-Fetch

A fellow blogger asked me to review i-Fetch, a RSS reader by Ideafarms.

I took some time to look at iFetch. And compared it to what I'm using: Google Reader. (Disclaimer: again, I didn't use iFetch and using it sometimes changes my impression... )

- Looking at the list of 'Features', my first reaction was: nothing new, nothing that Google Reader, Bloglines, etc can't do.
However, after looking more closely i-Fetch does have interesting new stuff (- at least new to me).
- "Watch" is interesting. Nice feature. After looking around in Google Reader I found out that they too have it. It's called: "Subscribe as you surf". But it's somewhat hidden, more that in iFetch.
- Search in feeds is interesting. Reader doesn't have that. It's a much requested feature...
- "Autodiscovery" of feed link is interesting. Didn't know Reader has this too: can be done with, again, "Subscribe as you surf".
- The article/post overview pane is kind of clogged; too much Outlook-ish. I like the Reader layout, easier reading and overview
- Archive: Reader has this too, using labels.

Extra feed reading issue, not addressed in i-Fetch: One thing that I find difficult when reading feeds is: when you comment on an article/post, how do you keep track of those comments and the comments on your comments? Do you just subscribe to the comments? Or is there another trick?

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  1. You should also try out http://www.spokeo.com It specializes in tracking social network content, but of course, rss feeds work perfectly as well.


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