Monday, July 16, 2007


Finished reading "Wikinomics" by Tapscott and Williams. It's a wonderful book. Well written, stimulating and worth your time!

After reading the book I was left with two questions:
  1. Does wikinomics also apply to a very structured environment, with structured, well-defined work processes? And if so, how do you apply it to such an environment?
  2. What are typical wiki(nomic) roles people can take? With a "role" I mean e.g. "publishers" and "pruners". And how do you learn your role in the wiki world?
I read in the wikinomics playbook some text (in Part One) about the second question. But it's still more about a characteristic of the wikinomic person and not about the different roles people can take.
Does anyone have answers to these questions? Or pointers to parts of the answer?


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