Future of KM

As I wrote in the previous post, this post would be about "the future of KM as I see it". The previous post mentioned the first question about KM that I was asked. The second question was: in one slide, give your vision of the future of KM. This was my answer:
  • Give options, let people choose for themselves what suites them best (the knowledge manager has the overview, the architectural view).
  • Approach KM problems in a personal and proactive way. Company boundaries will fade (by wiki’s, blogs).
  • People will remain the primary focus of KM (in contrast to technology).
  • Integration of tools (wiki's, blogs, document management, etc.) with the primary work place (for knowledge workers usually email).
  • Document management and records management systems will move to the background, no end-user focus.
  • Always online and therefore(?) always information overload.
  • Role of knowledge brokers will become more important.
What is your vision on the future of KM?


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