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Wow this is really exciting. I was reading an article on bnet about "How to run an effective meeting". (Got there again by a tip from Joost's blog.) The last lines of that article are:
The easy way to preserve whiteboard ideas
Say you and your colleagues had an intense whiteboard session and came up with a complex diagram that will solve all your problems. But copying it onto a notepad will take hours, and another group is standing outside waiting to use the conference room. What do you do? Take a picture of the board with a camera phone and e-mail the photo file to They'll clean up the image, improve the contrast and legibility, turn it into a PDF, and e-mail it back to you can forward it everyone on your team (all the while securing the confidentiality of your file).
This looks wonderful! They give some examples on the website. When I've tried this, I'll let you know.

By the way, on the scanR blog they make an interesting statement about "dinosaurs" (read: printer/scanner/copier multi-functionals - that's the business I'm in...).

Talking about whiteboards, check this out too!


  1. Glad you liked the ideas in our article. We've also got a video that explains whiteboarding basics: Whiteboard Video: Whiteboarding 101.

    Leslie Leite


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