Enterprise 2.0 Market Map

FirstPartner is:
...a fast growing strategic marketing and research agency focused on IT, telecommunications and Media sectors.
Not too long ago they released an insightful "Enterprise 2.0 Market Map". You can download it for free. The overview it gives is nice. I also like the fact that it incorporate the "1.0" tools.

What I question though is mixing up "collaboration tools" and "document and records management tools". Actually, "collaboration tools" are not mentioned. For instance, Sharepoint is labelled a "document management tool". I would say Sharepoint (and IBM Workplace to mention another one) is about supporting (document) collaboration. It can only be used for light-weight document and records management.
Furthermore, an important category is also missing. CM, CRM and ERP are mentioned. But tools to support Product Data/Lifecycle Management aren't (e.g. Siemens UGS).


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