Live blogging the National Knowledge Management Research meeting "Made in Holland"

Tomorrow I’ll be at the National Knowledge Management Research meeting “Made in Holland” in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I’ll be live blogging (most of) the sessions.

Here’s the program:

Theme ‘Valuing Knowledge’

- Ton Zijlstra (Proven Partners): Kennismanagement scans

- Christiaan Stam (Kenniskring Intellectual Capital, Hogeschool INHOLLAND & de Baak – Management Centrum VNO-NCW): Knowledge productivity

Theme ‘Knowledge creation’

- Henk Smeijsters, Hans Koolmees & Sylvia Schoenmakers (Kenniskring Kennisorganisaties en Kennismanagement, Hogeschool Zuyd): Practical research and action learning in learning organisations

- Vanessa Dirksen & Ard Huizing (University van Amsterdam): The Networking Knowledge Worker, Technology Appropriation and the Shaping of LearningPractices

Theme ‘Knowledge retention’

- Marian Grootveld (Telematica Instituut) & Anja van der Hulst (Cognitive Tools): Kennisbehoud bij Thales.

- Kees Vreugdenhil en Marijke Dieleman (Kenniskring Kennisorganisaties en Kennismanagement, Hogeschool Zuyd): Knowledge policy and sustainably continuing working in the mid-sized businesses in Parkcity Limburg

Theme ‘Knowledge sharing’

- Daan van Tienhoven, Ebru Göçmen, Boudewijn Elsenburg (Erasmus University, RSM): The influence of unit performance requirements on knowledge sharing between units.

- Jose Kooken e.a. (University of Twente, IPIT, Politie Academie): Knowledge Sharing at the Police: Police Knowledge Net (PKN)

- Lilia Efimova (Telematica Instituut): Employee weblogs: a knowledge management approach

- Hendrik Kupper (Wageningen University): Knowledge policy in the sector Agriculture, Nature and Food quality

Theme ‘Applying knowledge’

- Ruud Janssen (Telematica Instituut): Coping with information overload

- Tom Mom, Frans van den Bosch & Henk Volberda (Erasmus University): Investigating managers’ exploration and exploitation activities: the influence of top-down, bottom-up and horizontal knowledge inflows.

Thema ‘Conceptualization of Knowledge’

- Daan Andriessen (Kenniskring Intellectual Capital, Hogeschool INHOLLAND): Metaphors for knowledge


  1. hi Samuel,
    Not much live-blogging possible when there's no open wifi in the room :)

    Hope you had a good day nevertheless, and looking forward to your reflections on yesterday if you care to share them.

    I thought it was a worthwile day.

  2. Jep, it sure was worthwhile. I'll post my comments today. And I subscribed to your blog today too.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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