Intranet based on Facebook

Gary Goldhammer has an interesting thought on the future Intranet. Why not base it on Facebook? He says:
Facebook is the New Corporate Intranet – Why not? Create a Facebook Group, set it up as “Secret” – so it’s not visible to search, only invited members can participate and the group is invisible on members’ profiles – and voila, instant Intranet. Members can post, discuss and share information, even upload photos or host audio or video podcasts (and don’t forget the ability to create custom applications.) Simple to be sure, but for some companies simple is good enough. Goodbye HTML, hello FBML.
At least it's the basis of a modern Intranet, I would say. Most corporate Intranets are company publishing platforms. Not really useful for daily work.
But what do employees use Intranet for? To connect to other (possibly unknown) colleagues (who is who!). That's why I would say enabling 'connect people to people' is fundamental for every Intranet. And that's exactly what Facebook is good at.


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