The New Semantic Web wave (3)

Interesting interview with Nova Spivack, founder of Radar Networks, on Twine, by the Downloadsquad.

Twine is about sharing, finding and organizing personal information in one place in a new way. This app addresses information overload most knowledge workers experience. (Yes, there's money to be made here!, as Phil Windley says.) Spivack says Twine is the next step in knowledge management and communities of practice. All your personal information is tied together in one place. It's something in between Google and Facebook. Using natural language processing they can find places, people and things in your information.
You can search in your Twine network for relatedness. The search is based on a user-driven crawler.
Later on they will support importing all your information. Money will (possibly) be made using ads.
They are slowly letting people use Twine (I'm still waiting…).
Twine is about "knowledge networking" as opposed to "social networking".

I'm wondering what they will do with my paper documents… But I'll get into that in a later post.

In my next posts on this topic I want to comment on the interesting posts by Alex Iskold on the Semantic Web on ReadWriteWeb. One about the classic approach to Semantic Web and the other about the new approach. In those posts I'll give my opinion on this new semantic wave.


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