Killer Innovations podcast on 'Innovation champions'

Dennis McDonald posted another five of his favorite podcasts. (Thanks for sharing!) One of them sounded interesting: Killer Innovations by Phil McKinney.

So, I listened to one of the recent podcasts about ‘innovation champions’. It’s about three questions: Who are the innovation champions? What to find them? And how to keep them? I’ll give you a short summary.

Innovation champions are the really passionate and fanatic people in your organization.

To find them: ask employees what they are working on and what they find exciting.

Make sure you offer innovator protection. Give them the authority to decide. This doesn’t imply that they have to lead the project, although sometimes they could. Also give them resources to realize their passion. But work with ‘constraint-based innovation’, which means: don’t give them 100% of the resources to help them focus.

Phil also gives an interesting creativity exercise. And you can join the Facebook group “Killer innovations”.

I subscribed to Phil’s blog and podcast. His podcast is now one of my favorites too.


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