Slides on Technology/Internet Trends

This is kind of old, but interesting anyway.

At the Web 2.0 Summit, on October 18, 2007 Mary Meeker (from Morgan Stanley Global Technology Team) gave their yearly presentation on ‘Technology/Internet Trends’. This presentation is packed with interesting data, analysis, etc. You can find a post on this presentation and the slide at ReadWriteWeb.

Some of my highlights from the presentation:

Sheet 3: 3 Decades of Tech - Now = 2 Cycles
We’ve moved from Desktop > LAN > Internet > Cloud (broadband + wireless).

Sheet 6: Consumer Demand for New Internet-Enabled Services/Products is Strong
- Technology is evolving faster than most enterprises’ ability to deploy new products/services.

Sheet 12: Web 2.0 Driving Enterprise Growth?
- Next wave of corporate productivity gains should be paced by Web 2.0 driven collaboration tools that use the network as the platform to enable users to connect ‘any device to any content over any combination of networks’ (John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems, 5/22/2007)

Sheet 17: Internet trends
- Ongoing share gains to online from offline - large markets to tap
- High level Web 2.0 trends are compelling

Sheet 30:
Web 2.0 metrics are strong. Compared to 2005, social networking is really climbing the ranks.

Sheet 40:
2% of Public Tech Companies Create 100% of Wealth

Sheet 41 Summary:
- Personalization continues to ramp - Google/…
- Emerging markets (especially Asia) surprising on upside

Sheet 44 2006 TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) Update
They ranked the market sizing of global TMT products and services. The Netherlands is in 13th place!


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